Profiller Software SRL and Agriprest GmbH are two European companies that united their capabilities in 2011 to create an online IT platform named ”PROFILLER”. This on-line platform is a Human Resources software product designed to recruit, test, evaluate, filter and match candidates with jobs.

”PROFILLER” is a new concept for the on-line recruitment market because it offers an integrated package of recruitment, testing, evaluating and matching of candidates’ technical skills with the jobs they applied for. In this respect, we took recruiting next level comparing to the classical CV-based recruiting. With our software platform, the pre-screening phase is automatically done and recruiters can instantly see Candidates’ capabilities.

About the platform

How does it work?

”PROFILLER” demonstrates that on-line recruitment is more than a CV library. On-line recruitment should be a recruitment filter for quality. ”PROFILLER”  ‘s purpose is to simplify the recruitment process and add quality. Therefore, recruiters have better chances to find smart candidates with know-how and high technical skills, while candidates have better changes to find the right job.

”PROFILLER” provides quality recruitment via candidates’ knowledge and skills testing. Our testing process is very fast and efficient. The scope of it is to find the right employees for the right jobs. Ultimately, recruiters will receive lesser CVs, however high quality filtered ones. Testing candidates is an obligatory phase for all the job applicants. The questions are created by the recruiter, in accordance to its specific employment needs. ”PROFILLER”  assures efficiency, objectivity and transparency.


Our mission is to improve the quality of the recruitment market for Human Resources. Therefore, ”PROFILLER”   increases the quality and efficiency for this field, and helps all the persons involved in this process: Employers and Employees.

Humans are happy at work if they have the right work to do.  People that are happy at their working place perform better in both professional and personal life. People and companies grow together and develop great things if they match one other.  This can come true with ”PROFILLER”.


Human capability is the most valuable resource. Every single person has unique skills and competences. Unique skills and competences identified and put at work, where in need, create success for employers and employees. For such reasons, our efforts focus on objective innovative and efficient methods that match candidates’ skills with jobs. This vision is inspired and applied by every Profiller team member, along with: passion, motivation, responsibility and human connected.


• Excellence through Innovation

Our innovative thinking distinguishes us from the competition. Innovation is the active force that got us into business, developed our performance, reduced risks and added value.

•  Client oriented

We are focused on satisfying our client needs. We want to build strong long- term partnerships with our clients.  We are flexible in our collaboration, personalise every relation and adapt ourselves to our client individual needs.

• Responsibility

We assume responsibility for our business proposal and we do appreciate feedback. This helps us to improve our services and maintain a good communication with our partners.

• Professionalism and Respect

We take all the necessary measures to assure confidentiality in our collaboration with our partners. We treat every partner with respect.