Business Proposal

Our Business proposal

Our business proposal consists of either selling you the “PROFILLER” copyright licence either a joint venture between our companies. The purpose is to obtain profit which can be shared between us. The profit is obtained via the implementation and exploitation of the software in your country, under the brand name “PROFILLER”, product financed by AgriPrest GmbH and developed by Profiller Software SRL.


We are looking for private investors, investments funds and expanding on-line business HR companies that share our vision and business model and are interested in a turnkey project. Our partner must have:

  1. A good understanding of the HR market from his own country;
  2. Vision for implementation;
  3. Competitive spirit and desire for running a new type of product;
  4. Being responsive and appreciative to innovative products;


The worldwide market turnover for the HR industry is more than 400 billion euro. Bespoke software in this particular area is a gradually growing market, addressing more and more a need in an increasingly complex market.


Our business thinking is one that spans throughout the entire recruitment chain, addressing professional recruiters, hiring companies and candidates. Our value proposition derives from the immediate automatic testing and matching of the right candidate with the right job. This process saves time and avoids misplacements between candidate(s) and job(s).

Our partner has a free choice in choosing a B2B or/and B2C business model. Some companies in the industry charge service to recruiters, other charge service to candidates as well.

Please note that we work only on exclusivity basis. One country, one client.


We differentiate our service from the competition because we developed this software in-house for existing real needs. After research, we realised that our product can be used for both SMEs that do not afford to have an HR Department and professional HR recruiters. As far as now “PROFILLER” is the only online recruitment platform that has a complete three steps approach, covering the entire spectrum: getting candidates (recruiting), testing candidates (filtering) and matching (serving candidates ready to work).


Profit is obtained by selling towards clients recruitment, matching and testing projects. These sorts of projects are meant to anybody who recruits, hires, fires, evaluate employees, regardless if private or public institutions.

In perspective, together, we can multiply our services to clients by other   money bringing services like selling professional testing questions and tests to companies.